Invitation to Pleasure is a School of Sexuality and Tantra based in South West UK with events taking place at different locations throughout the UK and Europe .

Changing the way you think…changing your entire life and perceptions.
Life is getting faster…with more stress and less quality time.
The gulf between loneliness and oneness sometimes seems vast.

Shakti Tantra is Hilly and Sue and a team of enlightened teachers, assistants and trainees, all with deep and profound depths of wisdom, clarity and heart.
Shakti tantra comments
Hilly Spenceley, the first female tantra teacher in the UK, has been running courses for over 20 years and she formed Shakti Tantra with Sue Newsome in 2001. Our workshops invite you to find real joy, energy, power and confidence and provide the opportunity to enjoy yourself far beyond what you might be used to.

On our very popular workshops you can find:

  • enhanced self-awareness
  • increased self-esteem and confidence
  • support for dealing with trauma and abuse
  • permission and safety to explore hidden and suppressed aspects of yourself and your sexuality
  • the opportunity to notice and let go of outdated and limiting patterns
  • a treasure trove of practical techniques, rituals and ideas to expand your repertoire for pleasure
  • rich teachings about the differences and subtleties of female and male pleasure
  • ways to use your sexual energy to move to higher states of consciousness
  • meeting and merging with the Divine
  • renewed and profound connections with your self and your partner
  • physical, emotional, intellectual and spiritual renewal.

We are respected experts in designing and delivering workshops for women, men and couples.

Our events calendar is in the right hand column and prices, payment options and booking terms are on the Courses Page of the web-site.
Private tantra sessions for men, women,couples


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